via Daily Prompt: Egg

What came first, the chicken or the egg? I pondered that question as a child and came to the conclusion that the egg came first because the chicken evolved from another species. But what species did it come from? At what point did it cross over from that other species to chicken and what determined the transformation was complete?

That’s as far as I’m going to get in to eggsitential questions. My favorite part of the Starbucks protein pack that I get on a regular basis is the hard boiled egg, which I sprinkle with salt. There used to be one egg in the pack, now there are two. I was quite happy when Starbucks made that change. I only like eggs in hard boiled form. I find eggs in any other form nauseating. My mom says it’s ridiculous that I like eggs in one form but not others and that I used to eat eggs in other forms but now I won’t. What can I say, my tastes evolved, just like the species that preceded the chicken.

My brother likes scrambled eggs. One day when he was making scrambled eggs I ran in to the kitchen, poured fish food on his breakfast and shrieked “April Fools!” He looked at his ruined eggs in dismay and said “How is that even a joke?”

He felt that his fifth grade teacher resembled an egg. My mother said that was ridiculous, it wasn’t possible for a human to look like an egg. Yet after she attended a parent-teacher conference she had to admit that his teacher was indeed rather egg-like.

I hope you found this blog to be eggcellent.

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