Just Say No to Secret Slacktivism

Just used my kids to get out of a speeding ticket.

Actually I don’t have kids and I don’t drive mostly due to autism spectrum related issues (which is not to say that no one on the autism spectrum can be a good driver or a good parent.) but I fell for one of those joke statuses and was asked to post a joke status of my own in honor of 2017 autism awareness.

I was also asked not to hate the person who sent it to me and not to reveal the secret. I don’t hate anyone who sends me those kinds of things but I do hate those kinds of things and I will reveal the secret because no disorder whether it be autism, cancer, depression, muscular dystrophy or anything else should be turned in to some silly secret facebook game in the name of raising awareness.

If you want to make a difference instead of choosing from 16 silly statuses to post, go learn 16 facts about autism, listen to the experiences of 16 people with autism, donate 16 dollars or 160 dollars to an autism related organization, volunteer 16 hours of your time to an organization that serves people with autism (make sure the facts you’re getting are accurate and that the organization is actually acting in the interests of people on the autism spectrum. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about autism and some organizations that are widely opposed by people who are actually on the spectrum.)

And remember, people on the autism spectrum want your acceptance more than they want your awareness.