Oh, for fuck’s sake

It’s time for another public service announcement. Apparently when I said in the last announcement that if you comment anonymously I’ll know who you are through your IP, some people decided they could avoid detection through masking their IP (no one from Romania is that fluent in English.) Guess what? I still know who you are because your insulting, condescending, pretentious writing style is a dead give away.

Nasty anonymous comments get major side eye from me and show what a coward you are. If you’re making them repeatedly when you don’t have a WordPress blog of your own, I know that you know me outside of WordPress.

Accusing me of being a liar and a stalker when you’re a liar and a stalker yourself is ridiculous.

I share my own perspective on my own life experiences. My perspective on a situation might be different than your perspective, even if it’s a situation we both lived through.  When I’m the one telling the story I tend to make myself a somewhat sympathetic character.  That does not make me a liar. It makes me a blogger.

At the same time, I’m not afraid to paint myself in an uflattering light. I make no claims that I’m an angel or that my behavior is always (or ever) perfect.

Have a nice day, everyone and please stop trolling me. I’m not going to read your comments and say “By gosh, you’re right!” I’m just going to think you’re a fucking moron.

He’s at it again

That psycho I call Dick who’s been trolling my blog just won’t leave me alone. Now he’s written a blog about me in which he directs other people to my blog. He accuses me of killing my pets through my negligence, claims he’s filed a police report against me and that the police have informed him of my new address. I know he’s full of shit but I’m still feeling rather creeped out by his behavior. I need to figure out how to block him on WordPress but since he’s so determined to stalk me, I imagine he’ll find a way around the block. Ah, the joys of being targeted by crazy people on the internet.