When Online is Out of Line: You Should Get a Blog

While I didn’t end up creating a new account on the forum I was banned from when I went to Rhode Island, I did end up creating a different kind of new internet account while I was there. Multiple people on that forum had suggested I get a blog but I hadn’t paid much attention to their suggestions since they weren’t suggesting I get a blog because they thought I was a good writer with interesting things to say. They were suggesting it because they felt the stuff I was posting on the forum was annoying drivel and they wanted me to post it on a blog rather than bother them with it.

If what those people were saying was true they were only reading what I posted on the internet because they had to in order for the rest of the forum to make sense. No one would have to read my blog in order to follow along with the rest of an internet community and since I only produced shallow nonsense no one would be interested in reading what I wrote for its own sake.

And yet I knew that what those people on the forum were saying was not true. I knew that if I created a blog those people would track it down and read it. I also knew that I was a good writer.

While I knew that going back to the forum would be a bad idea, I still felt the need to make my thoughts about what had happened there known to both my cyber enemies  and cyber friends. Blogging seemed like the perfect way to accomplish that. I wouldn’t just be writing about it for their benefit though. I would be writing about it for my own benefit and the benefit of whoever else might read it. Maybe other people who had been cyberbullied would realize they were not alone.

I also had plenty of other things I could write about on a blog that were unrelated to the forum. While I did hope to eventually get readers who liked me and my blog, even if my only audience was hate watchers from the board, it would be good to give them an intimate glimpse of myself and my struggles. I did not expect any of my cyber enemies to ever feel bad about anything they’d said or done to me but perhaps they would be forced to acknowledge that with their words and with their actions they had not hurt a troll and they had not hurt a faker. They had hurt a real person with a real life and real feelings.

I Googled blog sites and came across WordPress. And thus Crazy-NOS was born.

My About section makes sense in its own right but it’s filled with references to things that were said to me on the forum. It was my way of starting to work through my hurt feelings and take back my power. My tagline “This is a Kiracracy” was in reference to the person who had told me “This is not a Kiracracy” in regards to the forum. I wasn’t in control of the forum but I would control my blog.

So I started writing on my blog. I wrote about various subjects and I made some references to what I had gone through with that forum without going in to great detail.

Sure enough it wasn’t long before my referral links showed that people from the forum were reading and discussing my blog.  “I’m glad they’re enjoying it” I thought to myself.

Quick Question

If I told you I get so annoyed by blog posts that humble brag about getting X number of followers that sometimes I unfollow the blog to bring the follower total down, would you tell me I was evil?

Blogger Stereotypes

Phil Taylor of the blog The Phil Factor wrote a blog about blogger stereotypes. He asked his readers which of the blogger stereotypes they fell in to and if they could come up with any more stereotypes. I said I fell in to the humor blogger stereotype ( A lot of my blog is serious but contains dark, self deprecating humor. I certainly don’t fit in to any of the other stereotypes listed) and came up with my own list of blogger stereotypes. Phil said I’d nailed enough categories to write a whole other post. Of course as a stereotypical humor blogger I think I’m just hilarious and want my readers to fawn over my comedic genius so I’m publishing my blogger stereotypes list on my own blog. Enjoy!

The blogging awards blogger: Always posting about blogging awards they’ve won, nominating other bloggers for awards and inviting bloggers to nominate other bloggers.


The ‘I’m too busy to blog’ blogger: They don’t post much anymore but once a month or so  they pop up to say they’re sorry for not blogging but they’ve just been so busy lately.


The ‘Sorry not sorry’ blogger: They write a blog post that offends someone and the next day they write a blog saying “I’m sorry you were so sensitive that you were offended by what I said and that you’re too stupid to understand what I meant by it.”


The ‘Social media is the devil’ blogger: They talk about how they’ve quit social media and it’s the best thing they ever did.  They’ve realized you’re a pathetic human being if  you enjoy getting likes and follows on Facebook, if you have to post all the details of and pictures of your life on Facebook. Meanwhile they’re tracking likes and follows on their blog and posting more details about their life there than anyone ever does on Facebook.


The vague blogger: They post about something that’s upsetting or angering them but you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about because they don’t explain the situation. I’ve been guilty of that myself.


The humblebragging blogger: They post about how many posts they’ve written, how many likes, follows, views, visitors and comments they’ve gotten but of course they just want to say how surprised they are that their blog took off so quickly and thank all their readers and followers for making this all possible and giving them this amazing opportunity.

Image result for it used to be that people got mad if you read their diary, now they get mad if you dont


25 Bloggish Facts About Me

  1. I made up this tag myself after doing the 25 Bookish Facts About Me
  2. This is the first time I’ve written two blogs in one day. I’d like to write a blog each day but I’m not sure I can manage it.
  3. I had my first blog when I was a teenager. It’s not a blog I’m especially proud of.
  4. I find the statistics that WordPress gives fascinating and I’m always looking at them.
  5. Some of the search terms that have been used to find my blog include “psycho mental patient adventures sex”, “daddy can you give me a massage” “why true friends do not make you feel inferior” and “making pigeon noises insult”
  6. My blog entries are much longer than most other peoples’ blog entries and much longer than the average internet user’s attention span.
  7. All of the multi-part blog series I’ve done I originally intended writing as one blog entry.
  8. I’m pretty sure that a large group of people hate watches my blog so they can mock and criticize the things I write but that’s fine because I mock and criticize those people on this blog too. I can see from the referral stats that my blog has been the subject of threads on their message board. I’m just glad I’m so interesting to them.
  9. Some of the most hurtful things that have ever been said about me were said in the form of WordPress comments.
  10.  I’ve gotten some really nice WordPress comments too.
  11. I have no interest in reblogging anything. I want everything on my blog to be my own writing.
  12. I don’t think I could be one of those bloggers that limits their blog to one topic. I’d get bored writing about the same topic over and over again.
  13. I have so many ideas for future blog entries.
  14.  Blog entries almost always take me longer to write than I anticipate
  15. I enjoy coming up with pseudonyms for the people I write about on this blog.
  16.  Multiple people in my real life have read about themselves on this blog and said “I did the same thing that person did” or “I agree with what that person said” without realizing they were the person I was writing about.
  17. I worry about offending the people I write about, which makes me wish I was better at writing fiction.
  18.  I share a lot of sensitive embarrassing personal information on this blog and I make this blog entirely public. Shame has been a destructive force in my life so it’s been therapeutic for me to just let all my shit out there for the world to see.
  19. This blog has given me a new purpose in life.
  20. I like it when the bell at the top of the screen lights up red to tell me I have a new notification.
  21. I wish more people read my blog but at the same time I’m surprised and happy that this many people do read it.
  22. There’s a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for months but I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been afraid to write about it.
  23. I proof read my blog three times before I hit publish.
  24. My blog title Crazy-NOS comes from when I was in a mental hospital and the doctors were having trouble giving me a diagnosis. I jokingly said that they should diagnose me with Crazy-NOS (Crazy, not otherwise specified)
  25. Last year when someone suggested I start a blog I replied that my life was too boring for a blog. I think I was wrong about that.