I hope you all enjoyed my essays “Teacher’s Pet” and “A Series of Shocking Events”, which  I published on this blog a few weeks ago. I wrote them over a year ago for the creative nonfiction class I took online in my final semester of college. With how much I used to hate writing in college, it’s ironic that I took a writing class as an elective.

I also find it ironic the way creative writing classes inhibit creativity in writing by requiring your writing to meet certain guidelines. Sometimes those guidelines change your writing for the better, sometimes for the worse. Of course better or worse is in the eye of the beholder though.

I poured my heart and soul in to the Teacher’s Pet essay so I was less than pleased when the response I got from the professor upon posting it was “Kira, please resubmit this essay with proper indentation.” I like to think of myself as a good writer so I was also displeased to get a C on the first draft of that essay.

I did overall enjoy the class though and that professor did give me some helpful writing feedback. For example, when I wrote a sentence that included the words “I wondered to myself”, he said “You can take out the word ‘myself’. There’s no one else to wonder to.” I also liked the readings we did for the class, especially the one that pointed out that nonfiction seems to be the only thing defined by what it’s not. After all, we don’t call classical music non-jazz.

The professor also had positive things to say about my writing and I ended up getting an A in the class. I gave a copy the of the “Teacher’s Pet” essay to the main character of that story, and I can’t imagine a better gift.

I’m taking a writing skills workshop class now as part of a professional writing certificate program. Overall it’s a great class and I’m enjoying it. I am, however, having the issue of having my writing criticized for not fitting the “structure” or “the point” of what my essay is supposed to follow/be about, when I just want the freedom to write how and what I want.

Of course I do have the freedom to write whatever I want outside of class, but it’s the structure and deadlines of writing classes that motivate me to actually get writing done. Left to my own devices, I just put pieces I’ve been meaning to write off forever and ever.

My current writing professor objected to my use of the word crazy in the title of my essay, so I can imagine what she’d think of the name of this blog. Personally, I think after all I’ve been through, I’ve earned the right to take back the word crazy and use it in a tongue and cheek manner. Plus, I liked the alliteration in the title of my essay, just like I like the rhyming in the title of this blog post. Notice how I didn’t indent though.

One thought on “An Indentation Situation

  1. I enjoy your writing. I think crazy is just a word and it’s the way we use words that matters. Prince told us “Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts” right?
    Congrats on the A! I’m sure your teacher/friend was thrilled and very proud.
    I didn’t indent either…

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