Enjoy this collection of kid quotes from my work at the daycare and my volunteer work.

Me: Rain, rain, go away!

Kid: Let me tell you something. Flowers need rain to grow, so you shouldn’t sing that.

Me: I went to Wicoff school when I was a kid.

Kid: No! You’re still a kid like us!

Kid: I like to Google pictures sometimes and this one time I googled butt cracks. Don’t EVER google butt cracks.

Kid: How long are you going to stay at this school?

Me: I don’t know. How long are you going to stay?

Kid: I’m going to stay until I’m 28.

Kid: *Runs up to me on playground* I’m here to tell you a story! The story is about..the story is about…I don’t know what the story is about, so bye! *runs off*

Kid: *Cries*

Other kid: What is the reason,Catalina?

Me: *Walks in to room with unicorn horn and tail.*

Kid: You look so stupid

Me: Did you just say I look stupid?

Kid: I said you look so pretty

Administrator to teacher: Teacher appreciation week is going to be like five days of Christmas for you guys.

Kids: *Shrieking in delight* It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas!

Kid: *Cries over fact that she’s been given the last turn on the class iPad*

Other kid: Layla, I’ll switch turns with you.

Me: That was so nice of you!

Kid: *Whispers in my ear* It’s because I know that the person who goes last gets the longest turn!

Teacher: *Yells at kid for misbehavior*

Kid: *Crying* You know I’m not supposed to cry when I have a sore throat!

Me: *Cooing over kid’s baby brother* Hi Dylan! You’re so cute!

Kid: Do you want him?

*Plane flies overhead*

Kid: Obama! I always wanted to meet you!

*Kid draws pictures of her family on board*

Teacher: Does anyone have any questions for Ava?

Kid: Why don’t your sisters have legs?

*Kid at board draws legs on sisters*

Kid to other kid: You really bothered me yesterday but I’m giving you one more chance!

Teacher: You guys are being really loud!

Kid: Yeah, we know.

*Photographer takes picture of kid*

Kid: Is that going to be in the paper?

Teacher to kid: I’m so sad with you!

Kid: So sad!

Me: You need to pull your pants up before you come out of the bathroom.

Kid: *Gazes down at pants* Oh no! I must fix this!

*Kids are gathered in group, staring at a certain girl*

Other kid walking in to room: What are you guys doing?

Kid: *Pointing at the girl* We’re judging her.

Teacher to me: If Adam is still awake at 1:30 take him to the bathroom so he doesn’t pee on his cot.

Kid: Wake me up at 1:30 because I want to go on the potty, not the cottie!


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