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Jolly is a word I associate with Christmas and the Christmas season is in full swing. This year Christmas decorations started going up in the mall the day after Halloween and I was a grinch about the season starting so early but now, in the middle of December I’m in the Christmas spirit.

I now really appreciate the Christmas decorations, the Santas, the carolers and the gift wrappers at the mall. I appreciate the giving spirit of the Christmas tree in the center of the mall that encourages purchasing gifts for needy children and as a name nerd I appreciate seeing the childrens’ names. I was going through all the ornaments and texting the names to my fellow name nerd friend.

For the first time in over a decade I’m able to have a Christmas tree in my house because I’m not living with a Jewish stepfather who forbids it. Although as far as I’m concerned the Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving, we just got our Christmas tree yesterday. We got a live, medium sized one from Home Depot. It would be nice if we still had the Christmas ornaments from my childhood but we don’t so we had to get new ones. We opted for plastic over glass because glass ornaments would be a disaster in a house with a very curious, playful cat.

Sure enough, as soon as we put down the Christmas tree stand in our living room Dr. Zeus got curious about it.Β  He was also curious about the ornaments and the packaging they came in. He took the package in his mouth and batted at the ornaments with his paws. Once they were on the tree he knocked some of them off. He hasn’t done too much damage to the tree at this point though and it looks quite beautiful. In addition to the ornaments it has a garland, a bow and lights.

The night we decorated the Christmas tree we listened to Christmas music and baked snowman cookies (I probably shouldn’t have eaten them all in one sitting but self control has never been my strong suit.) The snow that’s still on the ground from the season’s first snowfall further added to the ambiance.

Despite what Donald Trump would have you believe, there is no war on Christmas.Β  Thanks to him and his party, there is, however, a war on human decency. The horrible things that are going on in this world right now and the general crappiness of my personal life often leave me feeling quite depressed.Β  Yet when I look at my beautiful Christmas tree with my mischievous cat perched in front of it and I take in all the Christmas cheer that surrounds me, I feel jolly.

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