via Daily Prompt: Proxy

Proxy is one of those words I’m not sure how to use properly because I’ve never really heard it used aside from Munchausen by proxy. That’a a very horrible yet morbidly fascinating condition. I recently finished a novel that featured a mother and her children who were the victims Munchausen by proxy. It caused one of her daughters to become a murderer and the other one cut herself constantly.  Yeah, I can imagine being a victim of Munchausen by proxy would really fuck you up emotionally.

When I looked up the word proxy the example sentence was someone voting as a proxy.  There’s a state election coming up on Tuesday but due to my recent address change I’m not sure if I’ll be able to vote in it. The anniversary of last year’s dreadful presidential election is coming up soon and that makes me sad.

I’m going to end this blog now because I’m behind on the daily prompt blogs and on blog writing in general. Maybe I should have someone else write my blogs as my proxy. Did I use the word correctly there?

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