via Daily Prompt: Ghoulish

I knew today’s prompt would be Halloween related. I tutored today using Halloween related reading material and one of the vocabulary words I drew from it was ghoul. Don’t you just hate it when you look up a word and the definition you get is most unhelpful when it comes to understanding or explaining what the word means? Ghoulish is unhelpfully defined as “resembling a ghoul.’

One of the synonyms for ghoulish is ghastly, speaking of which, I can see that my blog is getting hits from a certainly ghastly internet forum.  It’s a spinoff board of the board that’s the subject of my When Online is Out of Line series. This ghastly forum is private so I can’t see what’s being said about my blog there but I have a feeling it’s not positive. Still, I should be tinkled pink that these people are visiting and linking to my blog because blog traffic is blog traffic. Bloggers love it when their blogs get a lot of traffic. I left the blogging groups I was a part of on Facebook because those people cared about blog traffic and only blog traffic.

My mom and I witnessed a car accident today. We stopped by the side of the road, not because of that ghoulish fascination with terrible accidents that causes bystanders to rubberneck but because we wanted to make sure the people involved in the accident were okay. Luckily the people did seem to be okay but their cars didn’t fare so well.

When I got home I heard about an automobile tragedy in Manhattan that was no accident. The perpetrator appears to be of Middle Eastern descent so I’m sure 45 will use the incident to spread hatred and xenophobia. He’s ghoulish. I’m glad some of his cronies were ghost busted yesterday.

I’m way behind on my reading challenge goal for this year but I finished a book today. Its subject matter was ghoulish

I live in a retirement community now so we didn’t get any trick or treaters and my mother wouldn’t even buy a bag of candy “just in case.” I learned that it’s been discovered that it would take eating 232 (or some such number) fun sized candy bars in one sitting to kill you. That was a rather ghoulish study to undertake.

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