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When I was a kid I had a pet chicken named Madame Fluff. She was a black hen with a fluffy hairdo. She was actually named after my mother in a roundabout way. My mom had told me that a man she shared the train with on her daily commute to work had nicknamed her Madame Fluff. She didn’t know why he called her that and he didn’t either. I’m guessing it had to with the fluffy hats and ear muffs she wore. They were black just like Madame Fluff the chicken.

The hen we got along with Madame Fluff was white and named Kathie Lee. She was named after Kathie Lee Gifford and also after my mother in a way. She shared a first name spelled differently with Kathie Lee Gifford and she’d talk about how she couldn’t stand Regis’s co-host. She didn’t care much for the chickens either. When my brother and I asked for pet chickens she refused so we asked our father. He agreed to keep them under our trampoline and surrounded it with chicken wire. Since my mother did not live with him her objections to chickens did not matter. I guess that’s one of the benefits of having parents who are separated.

I was proud of my creativity when it came to naming pets but one day when I was sharing the names of my chickens with my peers a girl said “Madame Fluff? What kind of a stupid name is that?'” After that I became self conscious and the next time someone asked me the names of my chickens I just referred to Madame Fluff as Fluff.

A family friend has a cat named Fluffhead. He’s orange and white and very mean. Sometimes he’ll act like he’s nice and wants you to pet him but he’s just luring you in to a false sense of security so he can bite or scratch you.  “Wow, that cat is really an asshole!” my uncle exclaimed one night after he had become a victim of Fluffhead’s evil tactics. He never saw Fluffhead again after that and he also never forgave him. To this day he talks about how much he hates ‘Mr. Fluffhead’. Even though he hates him the addition of ‘Mr.’ suggests he has a certain amount of respect for him.

I’m afraid I haven’t said anything meaningful or profound in this blog. It might even be considered fluff.

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