That psycho I call Dick who’s been trolling my blog just won’t leave me alone. Now he’s written a blog about me in which he directs other people to my blog. He accuses me of killing my pets through my negligence, claims he’s filed a police report against me and that the police have informed him of my new address. I know he’s full of shit but I’m still feeling rather creeped out by his behavior. I need to figure out how to block him on WordPress but since he’s so determined to stalk me, I imagine he’ll find a way around the block. Ah, the joys of being targeted by crazy people on the internet.

13 thoughts on “He’s at it again

  1. Restraining order. Now. He hinted that he knows where you live– that’s threatening. He should know it, too– he’s an expert on safety on the internet.

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  2. I think when people start claiming that they’re investigating your personal info, even though there’s a big chance that it’s b.s., it should probably be taken seriously. To my knowledge, WP doesn’t offer a way to block people, which seems like a pretty important function to have. On the other hand, despite the aggressive tone this guy is taking, he is inadvertently displaying an obsession with you…a creepy form of flattery, perhaps.

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    1. I mean, the truth is it’s probably easy enough to find my address online if you’re determined to look for it but the fact that he’s announcing he knows my address in a blog that disparages me is creepy. This guy is fucking certifiable and seems to have a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m baffled as to why he’s chosen me as a target but there’s no explaining crazy.

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  3. I am dealing with the SAME thing and I have filed a report with wordpress and they are fixing it all. Also with a deputy same as you. These people are liars and thrive on their illusion of power. I am so sorry you are going through this.

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    1. The ironic thing is that this whole flame war started after he attacked me for adjusting the privacy settings on one of my blog posts and said that no one should ever delete anything they write on the internet. Now he’s deleting things he’s written about me on his blog and complaining that I won’t delete comments made about him on my blog. He claims that the comments made about him were threatening and illegal. They weren’t but since he’s an extreme narcissist he considers anything that bruises his ego to be a threat and a criminal offense.


  4. Kira as always you have my love and support. Remember that you are an amazing person and that you can do anything you set your mind too. Also remember that you are worth more than what this person thinks. Sending you hugs.

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    1. His own blog is not a wordpress blog. Since I’ve posted this he’s written two more blogs about me. He announced that he has the tools to disenfranchise, damage, limit and doxx me but he’s decided not to because he doesn’t think he could make me any more unhappy that I already am or limit my life any further than it’s already limited. How very kind of him. He is obsessed and insane.

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