11 thoughts on “Quick Question

    1. I’m not going to unfollow a good blog that I enjoy just because of that but if it’s a blog I’m not that attached to this can be the final straw. I think everyone’s entitled to a humble brag every now and then but the “I just reached a million followers!” humble brag is very transparent and played out. All those posts follow the same formula ” Oh wow, when I started blogging I never imagined anyone would actually read what I wrote but now I have a million followers and I want to thank all of you so much for reading my blog and supporting me on this amazing journey!” ( and brag about the number of followers I have.)

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  1. Nope. In my opinion, people who write do so for the gift that writing itself is. The bragging is something completely separate and is ego driven. I would respect you for un-subscribing, if it is consistent with your values.

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  2. I agree with yarnandpencil in that you can forgive a one off for someone who is new to blogging. I think I even saw someone doing cartwheels on hete once because they’d gotten their first follower. However, you can often tell those bloggers that are just looking to brag as their smugness often comes through in their words. They can bore off! You are not evil for in following them, on the contrary, you are merely restoring balance to the blog. The blog which flows through us and surrounds us……oh you get my point.

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    1. The things about followers is that just because someone is following your blog doesn’t mean they’re actively reading it. They could hit the follow button and never look at your blog again. Some followers are just spammers who follow your blog because they want you to follow theirs or they’re hoping you’ll buy whatever product they’re selling.

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      1. Yep, I’ve noticed that, too. I think some bloggers just follow other blogs in hopes that they’ll follow back and boost their count. Ugh. I follow almost 1100 blogs and I *try* to visit each one at least periodically and read and like/comment on posts. I’m not the type to ghost-follow 😁

        In regards to the OP, I’m with those who said it’s forgivable once in a great while. I’ve done it, but it was more of a truly humbled thank-you, like a community recognition thing. I really try not to come off as bragging though, because I don’t blog for my own ego (I have a blog that is almost 9 years old and has very low traffic, and that’s just fine with me; as I mentioned, I blog for myself on that one, and I blog for the community on my main one (the one attached to my name). I do it for fun, for self-care therapy, and for whomever it might help 💖🌟💖

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