Because I broke my laptop this morning. I was lying in bed with my laptop next to me and I somehow managed to pull the covers over me in a way that sent the laptop crashing to the floor.  Now the screen is destroyed.

I’m so frustrated that I feel like deliberately throwing and breaking things. This is not the first time I’ve inadvertently broken an electronic device of mine. Nor is it the second or the third. It happens on a regular basis. Breaking things, losing things and injuring myself are all great talents of mine.

You may be marvelling at how anyone could be that careless but if I play the disability card will I get some sympathy?  It’s hard having such impaired executive functioning and spatial awareness.

I am amazed by people who manage to never break or lose things. It only takes one second of inattention for disaster to strike and paying attention 24/7 feels like an impossible feat for me. Oh, who am I kidding, paying attention for 24 seconds often feels impossible to me.

I had plans to work on a blog series over the next few days but now that my laptop is broken, those plans have been derailed. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging from an iPhone thing though…

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