Preface: Me and my father are both pack rats. Because of this I have found many treasures from my past in our houses. Among those treasures are my childhood psychological/neurological/educational reports. I have decided to publish them on my blog for the sake of education and enlightenment concerning the presentation of an NLD/ASD child. NLD stands for nonverbal learning disorder. ASD stands for autism spectrum disorder. I was diagnosed with NLD at age 12. I do not have an official ASD diagnosis. Some professionals consider NLD to be on the autism spectrum, others don’t. NLD is not currently listed in the DSM and there is debate over whether it is a valid diagnostic framework. For more information about my experiences with NLD/ASD see my blog post The problem with being smart and stupid at the same time

Disclaimer: Details of these reports have been changed and omitted for the sake of brevity and privacy. This is meant to represent my experience and my experience only. Everyone experiences NLD and ASD differently.

Now without further ado, let’s begin at the beginning…

Application for screening and/or assessment:

Child’s name: Kira

Child’s age: 3 years

What concerns do you have about your child?:  Doesn’t seem interested in playing with toys, drawing and coloring, etc, Won’t focus on an activity for more than a couple of minutes. Spends much of her time running through house flapping her arms and talking to herself. Doesn’t interact with other children much. Very shy.

What questions do you hope to have answered by this screening and/or evaluation?  Is she hyperactive?  Does she have an attention deficit disorder? Any other behavioral dysfunction?



One thought on “Profile of an NLD/ASD child: Part 1

  1. Very interesting post. My work exposes me to numerous people daily who have various mental health issues. Your writing is darkly funny and illuminating. I think I’ll follow along for a while.

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging.


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