Phil Taylor of the blog The Phil Factor wrote a blog about blogger stereotypes. He asked his readers which of the blogger stereotypes they fell in to and if they could come up with any more stereotypes. I said I fell in to the humor blogger stereotype ( A lot of my blog is serious but contains dark, self deprecating humor. I certainly don’t fit in to any of the other stereotypes listed) and came up with my own list of blogger stereotypes. Phil said I’d nailed enough categories to write a whole other post. Of course as a stereotypical humor blogger I think I’m just hilarious and want my readers to fawn over my comedic genius so I’m publishing my blogger stereotypes list on my own blog. Enjoy!

The blogging awards blogger: Always posting about blogging awards they’ve won, nominating other bloggers for awards and inviting bloggers to nominate other bloggers.


The ‘I’m too busy to blog’ blogger: They don’t post much anymore but once a month or so  they pop up to say they’re sorry for not blogging but they’ve just been so busy lately.


The ‘Sorry not sorry’ blogger: They write a blog post that offends someone and the next day they write a blog saying “I’m sorry you were so sensitive that you were offended by what I said and that you’re too stupid to understand what I meant by it.”


The ‘Social media is the devil’ blogger: They talk about how they’ve quit social media and it’s the best thing they ever did.  They’ve realized you’re a pathetic human being if  you enjoy getting likes and follows on Facebook, if you have to post all the details of and pictures of your life on Facebook. Meanwhile they’re tracking likes and follows on their blog and posting more details about their life there than anyone ever does on Facebook.


The vague blogger: They post about something that’s upsetting or angering them but you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about because they don’t explain the situation. I’ve been guilty of that myself.


The humblebragging blogger: They post about how many posts they’ve written, how many likes, follows, views, visitors and comments they’ve gotten but of course they just want to say how surprised they are that their blog took off so quickly and thank all their readers and followers for making this all possible and giving them this amazing opportunity.

Image result for it used to be that people got mad if you read their diary, now they get mad if you dont


8 thoughts on “Blogger Stereotypes

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I believe on your list that I fall into the “humble bragging blogger” because I can’t stop telling people how long I’ve been blogging. Notice however that I restrained myself here.

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  2. Huh… I honestly don’t feel like I fit into just one… maybe a melting pot blogger (except for the one that brags about visits, comments, etc.). What do you think?

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    1. Yes, there are some bloggers who have mastered the art of blogging without being obnoxious and don’t fall in to any of these categories. Social media is not for everyone and that’s fine. However, it’s helped me greatly and I’m tired of people acting like I should be ashamed of myself for using it and my life would be better without it.

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