It pains me to end this marriage because it’s been a rewarding one. I’ve gotten a lot of views on my blog from Facebook. I frequently see it mentioned that social media is one of the best ways to increase traffic on your blog. I like the way Facebook has allowed me to easily share my blog with my family and friends.

There were things about my life that I wanted my family and friends to know but that I’d never told them because I could not find the courage to speak out or the words to express what I had to say. When I wrote a blog the words came to me so much more easily than they would have if I’d expressed them in speech. Indirectly sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences through my blog was so much less scary than directly talking about them with people, even though in doing so I was sharing my story not just with my family and friends but with the whole world.

However, the marriage between my blog and my Facebook has caused me and some of my loved ones too much stress and drama and I see too much potential for future stress and drama if I allow the marriage to continue.  Remember how I said in a previous blog that the issue with someone getting upset over how a loved one of theirs was portrayed in this blog had been resolved? Well, um, let’s just say I spoke too soon. And of course the guy I referred to as Dick in that blog made a guest appearance in the comments section, where he threatened me and my friends with legal consequences for what we’d said about him on my blog.

All that drama came about as a result of me sharing my blog on Facebook and certain Facebook friends of mine making an issue out of the things I wrote in it or sharing them with friends of theirs who made an issue out of it. Dick’s threats don’t exactly have me shaking in my shoes because I know he’s full of shit (I also know he’s reading this blog. You’re free to do that, Dick, but please don’t leave any more comments. Same goes for your “friends”) but I’d prefer to avoid that kind of drama if at all possible.

I’ve learned the hard way that some of the people on my Facebook friends list were really not my friends at all. I’ve been accused of being an asshole for unfriending some of these people. I am an asshole for many reasons but unfriending those people is not one of them.

I tend to get hurt when anyone unfriends me and I’m not big on unfriending people myself. I do not unfriend people because they annoy me, because I disagree with them politically or because I don’t interact with them much. However, if you are going to stir up drama and stress in my life as a result of being my Facebook friend without also enriching my life through your Facebook friendship, you can bet your ass I will unfriend you and I will not consider myself an ass for doing so.

Although my blog and my Facebook will be ending their marriage, they will not be ending their relationship.  After this blog post I will be disconnecting that button that automatically shares all my blog posts to my Facebook feed but I may still manually share some of my blog posts on Facebook. The more personal, potentially drama stirring blog posts will not be shared but the truth is you never know what’s going to cause a shit storm on the internet. One of the worst internet fights I’ve ever seen was over napkins.

If you’ve been following my blog through Facebook, I invite you to bookmark it, to subscribe to it through WordPress or through e-mail because I still want to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with you.

I’ve heard it said that people tend to give a false impression of their lives on Facebook, to make them seem better than they actually are and that comparing your own life to the lives your friends present on Facebook can lead to lowered self esteem. My therapist refers to Faceebook as the year-round Christmas letter.

Some people seem to think based on my Facebook profile that I’m happy, successful and well-liked. A friend said to me that on Facebook I enjoy life more than anyone she knows but she knows Facebook is not real life.

So lest you think based on my Facebook profile that my life is all cute dogs, funny jokes, ridiculous selfies, delicious desserts and fabulous vacations, I invite you to my blog to read the full story and get to know the real me.

4 thoughts on “My blog and my Facebook are getting a divorce

  1. Ya know, I’ve never heard anything good about Facebook. I absolutely agree with what your therapist said. I’ve never had a Facebook account and I keep being reminded it’s a good choice. I do sometimes go on Twitter but it can be really horrible too. I’m the same way about unfollows. I actually cried one time when someone inadvertently unfollowed me. It seems silly but it does hurt. I hope this separation/divorce keeps the trolls (and Dicks) from bothering you further.

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  2. I had to do that a couple of years ago. I had some “friends” that kept saying I was lying and just posting my blog for attention. Mostly because my decade old diagnosis had changed and I was suddenly telling people about hallucinations when I wasn’t before. But I had always left out the “psychosis” part of my bipolar disorder. I actually actively hid it as best I could. I wish they’d all had more open minds so I could tell them the reality. Unfortunately, I have unfriended people that started make fun of me and who would announce at a party that I was faking it. I kept leaving in tears.

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  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you, dear friend. Ugh, what a stressful situation! I would totally be shaking in my boots if I was threatened with legal action! I’m relieved for you that it probably won’t amount to anything. And then to try to round up all his friends to intimidate you? Stay classy, Dick (ugh). He’s nothing but a whiny little bully. Still, I’m sorry that you had to deal with him and his cronies.

    I totally understand the separation from FB. Nothing but drama, drama, drama. It’s like being in elementary/primary and middle school again! I’m rarely on FB or Twitter anymore for these very reasons. I’m so glad you’re taking care of You! I’m just sorry that you had to go to these lengths to do it and that you had to endure so much stress in the meantime. Stay strong, my lovely! Sending you happy thoughts and warm vibes 😊👍🏼🌺💖

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