Editor’s Note: The first part of this blog has been deleted because of privacy/stalker/harassment issues.

While the bee didn’t sting, I did recently have an encounter with a bee. I heard an angry buzzing sound coming from my ceiling. When I looked up in to my air vent I saw a bee sticking its feelers out. I left the room and when I came back I could still hear angry buzzing but it was no longer coming from the vent. I couldn’t find the bee though.

I know bees tend to live in colonies so I had this terrifying vision of a swarm of bees coming down the vent and stinging me all over. An exterminator visit was arranged and my mom said that when the exterminator showed up I should lie and say I’d seen more than one bee so I’d be taken more seriously. I have a hard time lying about anything but I figured I could manage a little white lie about bees. Yet when the time came I found myself unable to do it. I admitted that I had only seen one bee.

This one bee could not be found and a search of the vent revealed no further bees so the exterminator packed up his tools and left. A few hours after the exterminator left I found the bee in my curtains. After it was captured in a cup and determined to be a harmless bumblebee it was released in to the wild.

A few days after my bee encounter I had an ant encounter. This time there really was more than one ant. There were lots of them crawling all over the floors and furniture. This morning I had a spider encounter. Thankfully there was only one spider in my doorway but one spider in my doorway is one spider too many.

In the grand scheme of things pesky insect/arachnid encounters are not that big a deal  but I find myself feeling sad a lot about my life in general. If you’re familiar with The Sound of Music, you know that the solution to that is to simply remember my favorite things.

Whiskers on kittens, cream colored ponies and wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings could all be a source of comfort to me because while I’m obviously not a big fan of insects or arachnids, I love all other animals.  Speaking of animals, April the giraffe finally gave birth yesterday and I got to watch it live. At first I was watching a giraffe walking around with legs hanging out of its butt, which was a little weird but the moment when the calf was born in an amniotic gush of glory was beautiful and so satisfying. The moments after birth were adorable. It’s amazing how a baby giraffe is able to accomplish in one hour what it takes a human baby one year to accomplish.

Raindrops on roses are nice too. I love seeing all the beautiful flowers that are blooming now. I mentioned in a previous blog that April’s erratic weather patterns mess with your head but it was really warm today so perhaps our silver white winter has melted in to spring. While I haven’t had any crisp apple strudel or schnitzel with noodles lately, I’ve had plenty of other delicious dishes, all of which I’m sure I’d misspell.

While today was not a holiday that brought sleigh bells or brown paper packages tied up in string, it was a holiday that brought bunnies and eggs of all colors tied up in Easter grass. While we arrived at my sister’s house so late that the Easter festivities were over by the time we got there, I still had a good time. After my dad had been chastened for running so late, I got to see him properly chastened for ruining my Disney World trip by hating Disney World. Then I got to see the family dog going down a slide and I caught it on video. What more could I ask for?

Happy Easter!

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