My flight to Orlando was uneventful and pleasant enough. The only problem was that when we landed there were a few planes ahead of us on the runway so we had to wait about half an hour to get off our plane.  I find sitting still on a grounded plane to be much more intolerable than sitting still on a flying plane so by the time we finally did exit the plane I felt like my butt cheeks were about to fall off.

Disney World pervaded the atmosphere of the Orlando airport. There were Disney signs, Disney memorabilia, and people wearing mouse ears. I snapped a picture of those people in their mouse ears, getting as close as I could without seeming like a creeper. As we waited for our luggage my dad lamented what a shame it was that we’d only be seeing The Magic Kingdom and not any of the other Disney parks. He explained to Gabrielle that we’d be staying in a crappy motel with one bed between us but it was okay because we’d only be there for one night.

We made our way to The Magic Kingdom and surprise, surprise, there was my brother! My father then revealed the true itinerary of our trip and Gabrielle was delighted although she did admit that all my father’s talk of Florida and all the time he’d spent researching Florida on the internet had aroused her suspicions.

Our first order of business was eating because I was starving. I’m pretty sure that the hot chocolate I got was actually coffee but I didn’t feel like making my way back through the crowds and lines to exchange it. Our next order of business was going on rides. To our dismay we found that the lines for most of the rides were very long. We wanted to get fast passes but it seemed they had changed the fast pass system since the last time I was there. We had trouble figuring out how to get them and once we did figure it out they were all gone. Now you had to book you fast passes way ahead of time and we hadn’t had the foresight to do that.

Now that I have a Kindle I don’t mind waiting in long lines so much but my Kindleless traveling companions didn’t have much tolerance for it so we went on the rides that had shorter waits. Of course the length of the line is inversely related to the quality of the ride but as far as I’m concerned there are no bad rides at Disney World so I enjoyed It’s a Small World, the Winnie the Pooh ride, the Dumbo ride, the Goofy ride, the train through Tomorrowland and the teacups even though the teacups made me feel nauseous.

The line for Space Mountain was long but we decided it was worth the wait. Actually I decided it was worth the wait and my travelling companions grudgingly agreed to stand in line. Once they got in line my father and Gabrielle were still undecided about whether or not they would actually go on the ride and the whole time we were in line they debated it back and forth. In the end they did go on the ride and they enjoyed themselves (at least I think they did.)

While we were waiting in line for the haunted house it began to rain very hard. My traveling companions decided to take shelter in the nearest shop but I stubbornly remained in line. A few minutes later I had to concede defeat though because I was drenched from head to toe. I looked and felt like a miserable wet rat.  At that point we decided to call it a day and leave The Magic Kingdom.

Image may contain: 1 person, flower, plant, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

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