While I was struggling with the simple task of taking a shower, I think I came up with a brilliant idea for a movie.

There needs to be a movie called Autism Powers. Scott will be a person with high functioning autism. Dr. Evil will be the head of a disability services agency.

Scott: How could you do this to me? How could you deny that I have a disability? How could you deny me the services I need?

Dr. Evil: Because you’re not quite autistic enough. You’re quasi-autistic. You’re semi-autistic. You’re the margarine of autism. You’re the Diet Coke of autism. Just one calorie. Not autistic enough.

6 thoughts on “Who wants to buy the movie rights?

  1. You’d be asking for a windfall of egg-throwing, fire-starting and mobs of protestors.

    It’s bad PR to make such jokes. But, realizing some comics have already pushed those inappropriate boundaries, it wouldn’t surprise me if your premise sold. Yet, you cannot pitch a parody of a parody except to some direct-to-video group. Those film makers who come up with things like Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, which was one that actually made it to theaters.


    1. Don’t worry. I have no intention of actually trying to pitch my premise. It was a joke made out of the frustration of hearing about and dealing with disability services agencies that keep denying services to people who need hem because they’re deemed “too high functioning.” I’m with you on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and with anything that involves zombies, really.


      1. I’d call that an excuse of people who don’t know how to or cannot budget such assistance because of who looms over their heads. It’s the curse of economy poisoning sympathy. “I cannot be as kind to you as I’d like because I cannot afford it.”

        I get that frustration. [You do come off as a little battier than I, at times.] And, it’s good to have a sense of humor, even if it bites some in the butts. But, it’s also good to be mindful of who hears or sees your humor. In the old days, some jesters lived short lives.


      2. I’m not sure how to take your comment of “You come off as a little battier than I at times” but this blog is called Crazy-NOS after all. I didn’t mean to offend anyone with my joke but it’s hard to even talk about autism without offending someone. Same goes for mental illness. There are probably people who are offended by my use of the word crazy. Oh well. My brand of humor is not for everyone.


      3. True. There are so many mine fields in broaching any psychological situation.

        Not every angry retort to something means the person is “offended.” At least, not to me. It more often is a conflict of opinion and comprehension.

        The word “crazy” has changed in my opinion over the years. I used to take it lightly. Now, not so much.


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