Yesterday was a bad day turned good but today was a thoroughly good day. It was good for the same reasons yesterday ended up being good but with none of the bad stuff.  I couldn’t be at all bothered by the mean things people said to me in the past because today I received so many nice comments that the mean comments just didn’t matter. Most of the people I friend requested accepted and were glad to hear from me. People who I’d assumed had forgotten about me said they’d thought of me often and missed me. We had conversations where we filled each other in on what was happening in our lives and reminisced about the past.

One friend told me that getting in contact with me made her whole day/week/summer and I said the same was true for me, that this was the best day I’d had in a long time. Another friend asked me how things had been for me. I said things had been rough but I had now recovered enough to feel comfortable showing my face on the internet. He said he was proud of me. I’m proud of myself too. I know chatting with your friends on Facebook seems like a silly thing to be proud of but let me have my moment.

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