I said in my last entry that I started a blog because people told me to get a blog so that I could stop annoying them but it’s a bit more complicated than that. My sister is not annoyed by me and she told me yesterday to get a blog. Okay, sometimes my sister is annoyed by me but that’s not why she told me to get a blog. She thought our crazy family stories would make for an interesting blog. I’ll get to the crazy family stories later.

I actually have Google Docs to thank for inspiring me to start a blog. I got logged out of that account and while I have a creepy good memory for trivial unimportant things, I have a shit memory for things that actually matter like passwords. Is it just me or are sites requiring you to go to greater and greater lengths to prove that you are not a robot? Am I the only one who has trouble proving that I’m not a robot?  I can never read that stupid captcha text or whatever it’s called. Now in addition to that text, I’m practically being required to play a game/take an IQ test to prove that I’m not a robot. I was asked to pick out the pictures of stores. That sounds simple enough but it was actually kind of difficult.

That picture looked like it could be a store but it might be a bank. A bank is a business where money is exchanged but it probably wouldn’t count as a store. A museum probably wouldn’t count as a store either but what if it had a gift shop?  Then I was asked to pick out the pictures of houses. That picture looked like a house but it was so big it might actually be a hotel. Would a shack just be considered a very small house and a mansion just be considered a very big house or would they be in a category all their own?

I was eventually able to prove that I was not a robot but then I got caught in an endless loop of requesting to have my password reset, being sent confirmation numbers that I didn’t know what to do with and once again being asked for my password. After about an hour I finally conceded defeat. At that point it wasn’t even really about actually wanting to use Google docs but about wanting to beat their stupid password system. When I was unable to beat the system I had to prove to Google Docs that I didn’t need them anyway. I remembered the people who told me to get a blog and thought to myself “Hmm, maybe I should get a blog.” And thus Bloggy McBlogface was born.

Unfortunately I was not being very original when I named this blog Bloggy McBlogFace. I mean I already knew I wasn’t being original because I was copying Boaty McBoatFace but a bunch of other bloggers copied Boaty McBoatFace before I did. Unfortunately the one person I tried to share this blog with was unable to access it but hopefully that can be fixed.




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