So I got a blog. Since baby names are an interest/obsession of mine you’d think I would be a bit more creative in naming my blog but I just chose the first thing that popped in to my mind.  I’m actually rather fond of bloggymcblogface though.

I’ll start by explaining why I decided to start a blog. I started a blog because a bunch of people said to me “You should get a blog.”  At first I was not too inclined to listen to those people because 1. They were telling me to get a blog because they thought I was really annoying and they wanted me to post all my asinine drivel on a blog rather than bother them with it. 2. I thought my life was too boring for a blog because I’m one of those adult losers who sits in their parents’ basement and plays video games all day  except that I’m fortunate enough to have my own room on the top floor and instead of playing video games all day I surf the internet all day.

I decided that I would start a blog anyway because 1. Even assholes give good advice sometimes and as much as you don’t want to listen to the assholes and give them what they want, sometimes what you want and what they want are one in the same. 2. Despite the fact that I just sit around the house all day, my life is actually interesting enough for a blog.

When I started this blog I was required to choose a topic for it. At first I wasn’t sure what topic to choose but in the end I went with Psychology. I majored in Psychology and it’s an interest of mine . This will not be a blog about the latest advances in psychological research and I’m afraid I won’t be able to dispense much self help advice but between me and all my family members I’m sure that if a psychologist stumbles upon this blog they will have a field day. I hope that all 0 of my loyal readers will stay tuned for more.


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